Please excuse the indulgence, but today's soul food friday is for my youngest child...makes me sound like I've got lots...but no...just the two!  The 'soon-to-be 22 year old' can no longer be called that, because today is my son's 22nd birthday. Crumbs, the 'long time until he turns 23 year old' just doesn't have the same ring to it! I chose this quote because it's sometimes been rough for this lovely and talented young man. But I've watched and quietly cheered as he's pulled himself up by the bootlaces and kept on trying...and while he would say he's still finding his way in the world...I say that he has all that is needed...compassion, kindness, and courage. With those things we will always have a place (even if it's back with your long did you say you were staying??) Joking, joking!

This is my all time favourite photo of my boy...hmmm, silver cleaning required I see...and so, unfortunately, can you. Never mind, just gaze at his cuteness.

We love you Ben. Happy Birthday xxx

image 1 from here; image 2 captured by me - twice!