W hile flickering through Flickr, I suddenly stumbled upon some delightful photographs. They belonged to Danielle Thompson's Flickr stream. Danielle is an American artist and blogger. Her blog, Thompson Family- Life, chronicles all of her lovely adventures in the creative world. Be sure to check it out! You will, undoubtedly, be inspired! Her aesthetic speaks loudly to the Bohemian lifestyle. It's colorful, creative, unique, vintage and absolutely charming.

I thought sharing her talents with you all would be quite perfect for Bohemian Wednesday! Except today is Thursday, isn't it? Yes... I know. The hubs and I are in the search for possible, new, temp digs. If you understood what I just said... awesome! If not... then I shall translate. My husband and I spent the entire afternoon/evening yesterday driving the streets of Tampa Bay in search for a new, temporary abode. It's only a possibility at this point. Just a thought. Nothing is set in stone, just yet. But, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm absolutely stoked at the thought! : ) Fenced in yard... come to mama! : )

Anywho... I just completely went off the topic here, didn't I? Typical. Be sure to check out Danielle and her fabuloso Flickr pics. You will not be disappointed. If anything, you will feel inspired! : )

Happy Decorating!


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