Those who know me well understand tolerate my addiction to magazines and the written word in general. I'm sure my long-held magazine buying habit has something to do with the fact that the first born also has a love of much so that she now works for one...lucky thing! I managed to get the grocery shopping done after work and before the newsagent closed...a minor of course I couldn't disappoint now could I?
I spotted this new magazine/book by the clever people at Home Beautiful called Colour (yes, yes I can see that's what it's called!)
(the colour of the granite on my kitchen bench although it's a wonderful surface, is not to my taste...but it's in such good condition...what do I do!?!)
I photographed a few of my favourite pages...and hmmm...methinks I spy a few images that may have been seen before! But no'll love them this time around too I'm really is a great little publication...whimsical...I love that word.

And don't you love the oversize cup and saucer my gorgeous daughter gave me as an early Mothers Day present when she was here on the weekend? I certainly do.

...that last one reminds me a bit of the new rug in my it is with the vampire slayer lying over the heating vent...not sure whether that means she's really clever or really, really dumb! Depends how high the temperature is set I guess. My watercolour waiting to be reframed after I pinched its frame to put the InsideOut teatowel in.

And I never tire of seeing this room...the living room of Australian movie royalty, Catherine Martin and Baz Lurhmann...

...and whenever I see that amazing portrait, I think of my own wonderful piece of photographic art from Broome, the pearl capital of Australia...isn't it beautiful?

And perhaps I also bought the latest edition of my favourite overseas magazine Livingetc (alas, it was not this one...we are a month behind being so far away 'n all)...but it's usually worth the wait. You'll know where to find me for the next few nights...sitting on the vent with a magazine and a huge cup of tea!!

And wow, I couldn't believe it when I got up this morning to find 99 followers...thank you so much everyone, and what a great perfectly formed!!

all magazine images by me of images by others in the Home Beautiful Colour magazine...where I'm sure all the credits are appropriately made...go buy a's good.