Russian Nesting Dolls by SovietVintage - $29
Russian Dolls Car Litter Bag by AllysonHill- $19

Russian Doll Alphabet Print by CreativeNeesh - $40

Russian Doll Shopping Jute Bag by Beaky - $18

Russian Doll Clock Plate by RecycledWares- $18
ven though I've never been a fan of dolls (except Barbie when I was little, and that was only so I could chop off all her lovely, blonde locks)... I do have a particular attraction to "Babushkas" or little Russian dolls. They're just absolutely adorable and ornate. Plus, there's no hair to tempt children to grab for a pair of scissors and become Paul Mitchell. So, they're practical and safe for kids. : ) Awesome! I perused etsy, as is my Tuesday morning routine , and found all these precious choices! I've got to tell you that the car litter bag is an awesome buy!! I bought two a couple of years ago for both of my cars and I just love them! So... highly recommended! As for the Alpha Print? Um... hello! Can you say... "kids room!" Not even! Heck... I'll find some place to put it in my home. How about the office/studio? There! : ) I hope you enjoy looking through these today and that they bring a bit of sunshine to your Tuesday.
Now... be a "doll" and join our Facebook page for a chance to win a $25 gift card to our boutique. : ) Have a fantastic day everyone! And... thanks for reading! : )
Happy Decorating!

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