A few days ago the extremely talented, stylish and very nice Louise Bell from Table Tonic posted about the May/June issue of Inside Out Magazine that came with a fabulous tea towel designed by paper artist Rob Ryan...it was gorgeous and free!
As a magazine addict, this is one of my favourites and I'm pretty sure I haven't missed an issue in its 10 year history...and until I moved house recently I had them all to prove it...sob!
Anyway...I commented on Louise's post that I'd framed my tea-towel, being as it was a work of art 'n all and she asked me to send her a few pics so she could put it on her most beauteous of blogs.  Talk about the pressure of taking a reasonable photo to go here!! A blog that I absolutely love and completely admire...

Bloggy people...I spent hours, yes hours trying to get it right and I was despairing because I couldn't take a picture without reflections in the glass ruining the look.  Having a seriously blonde day, it took me quite a while...yes, aforementioned hours...to realise that if I removed the glass from the frame I might possibly have better luck...oh clunk...the sound of my brain actually moving into gear!!  Here's the photo that Louise used...

...and the piece she wrote.  But of course I gave her options and moved that tea-towel around the kitchen a bit just to make sure I got it right!
But I can report it is now living happily near the red toaster. Thanks Louise for the shout out...it meant a lot.
As a bit of budget diy, framing the tea towel took NO time at all and cost me nothing. I already had the frame with a bit of my artwork in it and that took...oh, about 25 seconds to remove and replace with real art! If only I'd been that efficient and clever before taking the 15000 pictures with the glass still in the frame...so much to learn, so little time!!
I'm off to write a tender and put something yummy into the slow cooker...the MGM's brother and his partner are arriving from Shepparton this arv and are coming to the tranquil townhouse for dinner...this is what I'm cooking.

Enjoy your day lovely people...I will be...once I finish writing the tender that is!