You've probably worked out by now that I like to laugh...not that I'm unusual in that...I'm sure we all want lots of laughter in our lives. But I like to laugh at interiors too...little things that catch my eye and make me grin. I can appreciate the elegant simplicity of an all-white room, the sublimely styled tablescape, the perfectly put together, the flawless (ok perhaps not that...not sure it exists anyway). I look on all that and know that I will never be entirely capable of it...and that's ok. Because what I really love is quirk, whimsy...possibly even a slight bit of over-the-top nuttiness!  The latest issue of Lonny gave me a few morsels of are my favourite bits of Issue No. 4...on-line now. 
Nutty ostrich head in the sand wallpaper...could only be improved if they were emus! [spoken like a true Aussie hey?] Mind you, I hate emus...they're nasty. 
Mad feather pillows matched with exotic wallpaper, an ornate bedhead and intricate crewel bed least I think it's embroidered...need new glasses so can't be sure of anything much at the moment...

Eggs mounted on cute little stands (too small for ostriches or emus) and some more great feathers...pheasant perhaps??

Sorry...not a doggy these pooches look slightly kooky to you...and not in a good way?? Sorry puppy lovers! Mind you, my Buffy the Vampire Slayer could probably give them a good run for their money...they have that same evil glint in their eye like she does...and is that a bear in the background?

The thing that makes me smile about this next one is the fun the kid who lives here must have playing peek-a-boo with him or gorgeous is that mirror and the cute little car...almost makes me want to be a grandmother...but not quite!

And what is not to love about that parrot cushion...Johnny Depp must surely be lurking in the next room all kitted out in his Cap'n Sparrow outfit...

...and this orange and black combination just makes me want to do a little jig down the hallway...I think it's glorious...but I'd probably slip on the rug...being ever-so-slightly clumsy as I am...with the bruises to prove it!

The only reason this next pic is here is because of the Chinese stools. I have two just like this and I got them for only $30 and I know they cost a lot more than that that makes me very happy...

Say no more...there is a goat in the library, bloggy people...a goat!

...and while I know the giant fork on the wall thing has been done before, I still think it's so simple and so clever...cleverly simple or simply decide hurts my brain at this time of the morning to work that one out...

And lastly...because I'm a crabby person with poor eyesight...I just had to include this...

Oh, and when I said crabby person, you know I meant Cancerian right? Not crabby as in cranky...well, not all the time anyway :)
I'm off to earn some moolah lovelies...hope your week gets off to a great start and stays that way.
And P.S....the slow cooked pork with orange and star anise last night was indeed yummy!
all images Lonny it to bits but still wish I could curl up in bed with it...the laptop doesn't come close to satisfying my need to read in bed!