A little while ago I shared with my lovely bloggy friend Kerri from Driftwood Interiors that I was suffering from a bit of blogger's block and that perhaps going off and cleaning the house might be the cure for it. Fool (me, not Kerri with an 'i'!) As if that was going to work. Kerri was kind enough to tell me that housework assists absolutely nothing at all. That, bloggy people, is a wise woman talking. Clearly my pre-menopausal brain is completely stuffed confused.
I did try though, and while it may not have fixed the problem, I now have a much tidier house...although I do lay the blame fairly and squarely at your feet for keeping me away from my cleaning duties and glueing my eyeballs to this blinking screen for a fair proportion of my away-from-real-work time! That picture below of course is not me!

Pop on over to mostly older than me for the perfect description of losing yourself in the blogosphere...Julienne you have nailed it!
So while I was packing the dishwasher, having just lost myself in another of Leigh of Brabourne Farm's extraordinarily beautiful posts, I thought to myself, and said to the vampire slayer, who as usual ignored me...I know what I'll do...I'll grab some of the photos that have inspired me to have a go at a few things around the tranquil townhouse...show you those and tell you what I'm going to do. Or more like it...tell you what I dream of doing but probably won't! So here we go...
Exhibit 1: chairs.  I need new dining chairs. How about getting some from Ikea and covering them in beautiful fabric like these? I have no idea how...probably something involving adhesive spray and lots of patience.
image via Brabourne Farm
Exhibit 2: silver leafing from Little Green Notebook.  I have a chair I'm going to try this on. I've bought the size and the silver leaf...quite a while ago actually...one day I will do this...and the worse that can happen is that I'll have to paint the chair black instead if it doesn't work...

Exhibit 3: the target starburst doily (as branded by Viv at ish and chi).  I want to get one of these and turn it into a clock for my black and white bedroom...black clock hands of course. I think it would look great even if it could be a tad confusing trying to tell the time...
Thanks to all of the wonderful blogs that provide so much inspiration....all day...every day...please stop once or twice will you so I can get a rest! I'm off to do a little decorscaping for a photo I hope to have published on someone else's blog...will let you know if it comes off! I'm not confident...I take less than fabulous photos...yet another skill to conquer!