M y husband and I have put our foot down and decided to get our dog, Cocoa, off the bed at night! So, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to go shopping! : ) For a dog bed, that is. : ) I headed over to Home Goods and found a really awesome one for only $25! So, needless to say, I was pretty thrilled with the size and the price! It worked like a charm too! Cocoa went right over to it and lied down. : ) Thank you God!! Now, I can stretch my legs at night. {sigh}. : ) While I shopped, I thought about the fact that it needed to be a dog bed that looks nice with our mid-century/boho decor. It got me thinking about a mid-century design. I found the pics above throughout the I-Net. I looooove the suitcase ones! Found those on etsy! So... I am on the hunt for a nice, large suitcase to complete Cocoa's bed. We got the big cushion, but the suitcase would just make it look so much cooler!! Until tomorrow!
Happy Decorating!

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