I have a bone to pick with this woman! I wasn't literally ambushed by Megan Morton of course...I'm sure she's far too nice to lie in wait for unsuspecting bloggers. But I was sure as heck ambushed by her book!
I had all sorts of plans for my house this weekend....mountains of chocolate projects to get through...walls to paint, hedges to trim, sweet peas to plant...cupboards to sort...a chair to silver leaf (wait for that one!)...paintings to paint...

But did I do these things? Oh no, I did not!  Well, ok I did some...but I also spent an awful lot of time sitting on my butt reading this fabulous, gorgeous, stupendous book from cover to bloody cover!! 

And it (I am very pleased to say) confirmed my view that I am not a minimalist and that colour and texture are my weapons of choice!  And I'm too old to change now...but Megan says that's ok. In fact I think I can quite safely define myself as boho which she describes as "...having no hard-and-fast rules, no real right or wrong...a relaxed, ad hoc look that complements the lifestyle of travellers and collectors, granting them the freedom to buy up whatever and whenever they will." Oh Megan...thank you!

These are some of the images in the book that made me stop and look that little bit longer....I've taken them with my very unsophisticated camera...so you really do need to go and buy the book to get your proper fill.  Every facing page is a full page, to-die-for image of a beautiful interior...or sometimes an exterior...

Do yourselves a favour.  Stop what you're doing...immediately...and go and get a copy of this book. Don't wait until your birthday, your anniversary, Christmas...do it now!! Or go and get one of your beloveds to do it for you...you know they will...they love you!! 

And you'll love Megan Morton as well...because she believes in sharing, and that's exactly what this book is...a true guide...real tips...fabulous advice. As she says..."when you're willing to share what you know, others share with you - it's the power of karmic knowledge." Yep.

all images taken by me of the contents of Megan Morton's book Home Love published by Lantern (I do hope it's ok to do that...after all, I really want you all to go and buy it!). Check out the homelove blog where you can also buy a copy.