It's Thursday and I had to spend last night doing unpleasant things that involved numbers, receipts and forms instead of blogging, so no really personalised post from me today I'm sorry...sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. But I stumbled across these very [as the header says you might need to insert your own word here...not sure I have an appropriate one]...where was I? Oh yes, came across these very [something] vase specimens on home-designing...and thought they'd be nice to share. Not really my style most of them, but they are certainly interesting.
This one falls over when you need to top it up with water...clever little thing
a new take on guns 'n roses...?

my personal favourite...the IV drip feed self watering number...too funny
a whale spouting flowers...kind of sweet...even Greenpeace might approve!
these are serene...I could have one somewhere in the tranquil townhouse
perhaps more a potplant than a vase..what are they doing under that lamp-post anyway, or is it a which case even more freaky...

whoa....definitely no words for this one!
Head on over to the site to see a few more and an explanation for how that last one works.
And next Thursday I'm thinking of starting a 'simple things thursday' where I try to come up with simple things to do that take no time but look ok...cause who has the energy to do much on a Thursday (or a Wednesday night)! 
...and wait till you see the great buy I made yesterday...bargain price but all class...but I guess you can judge when I'm ready to reveal!
Have a great Thursday.

all images from here