A rt work is a necessity in any decor. But, it's a crucial design element in a mid-century style decor. Whether you are using original Jackson Pollock's or modern prints, art work will bring out a pop of color into your interior, as well as lift up your spirits in a way that doesn't require any drug use. : ) So... how do you go about acquiring some of this art work?? The options are endless, really. If you are an artistic person by nature, then I say get yourself over to an art supply store and stock up on some canvas and paint... or whatever medium you're shooting for and do a DIY project. Find some inspiration in the furniture around you, the nature outside or other people's art and then do your own thing. If you're like me... I'm sure you've looked at a piece of art in a museum and thought... "If that's art, then I can be damn successful as an artist." You know what I'm talking about... like that huge canvas painted all red, with like a yellow streak in the middle of it and it's titled something like "flying" or some crap like that. So, again, if you're like me... you'll do it yourself. Other nifty places to check out though? Etsy.com has some amazing artists. E-Bay, thrift shops, vintage shops or big stores, like Urban Outfitters, can usually carry some awesome stuff too. At the end of the day, it's your wall and your style. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will look awesome. Give art a try and enhance your mid-century style decor!
Happy Decorating!

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