Me with my Mom! I was 2 here, I think. : )

On our honeymoon in Bradenton Beach, Florida. I actually stole the flower from someone's garden. I know... bad.

My lame attempt at cooking breakfast. : (

Out hunting for vintage finds for my shop. : )

One of our professionally taken engagement photos. There's Billy watching me.... hmnn.... looks like he's up to something!

My adored and beloved 1963 VW Bug- Marley.

My 9 year old kitty- Chloe. It's a boy. I named him Chloe. I know... girl name. So sue me!

My Cocoa. Just turned 6. The most loyal Chocolate Labrador ever. A bit much sometimes. A bit much.

My sweet, sweet Cooper. Cooper is 2 now. The absolute sweetest pup in the world.

My husband with his dog, now our dog, Luke. Absolutely, the smartest dog I've ever come across! Incredible!

My morning cuppa joe. Got the mug at Starbucks about 3 years ago. Love it!

With my Coop. : )

At my shop...
So, I always get an influx of e-mails asking me certain questions about what I do, or why I do it, or what prompted me to do it and so forth. By the way... I love you guys for taking such an interest in boring ol' me. Seriously. It's awesome! : ) Here's just a short list of questions and answers. Enjoy!
1. How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging in December of 2007.
2. Why did you start blogging?
Honestly? Boredom. Later on though, I opened up my etsy store and thought
it'd be a great way to advertise! : )
3. How much time per week do you put into your blog?
I would say about 1 to 2 hours a day. Depending on the article's topic. For
instance, when I feature shop's for Shop Local Thursdays, it can take up to
8 hours (between the snapping pics, interviewing and photoshopping the
photos. Those are long days.
4. Where do you see yourself blogging wise, in the next 6 months and 5 years down the road?
Well, I still see myself blogging in the next 6 months, for sure! 5 years is a long
time. My usual foresight is about 1 week. So, this is a toughie. Well, if blogging
is still a popular way to get information out there, I will certainly still be doing
it. Hopefully I can have a more professional design to the blog and a lot more
readers! That would be awesome! : )
5. What is the ultimate goal for a blogger, in your opinion?
I can only speak for myself here, since I'm sure each blogger's ultimate goal
differs. For me, I just hope to bring awareness to readers about decorating
and shopping for the bohemian lifestyle. My goal is also to bring awareness
to people around the world about my shop-- Bohemian Vintage. I pray that
someday it will be in multiple cities throughout the world (tall order, I know)
and if people from around the world already know our name from the blog,
then that's a huge advantage, right there! : )
6. Any specific advice you have for new bloggers on how to make it in the blogosphere?
Find a topic you feel strongly about. Be it yourself, your home decor, breast
cancer awareness, frugal shopping, living the simple life... whatever. If you
feel passionately about it, you will be more inclined to write about it. I would
also strongly recommend that you blog daily or at least as often as you can.
That will keep readers coming back to your blog to check in and see what's
new. Another tip? Have a sense of humor!! People like funny! : )
7. Ever been to another country or state that you liked better than where you currently live?
Well, I love my hometown of Tampa Bay. That being said (ahem...), I absolutely LOVE Manhattan; Vienna, Austria; Munich, Germany and Salzburg,
Switzerland. I love their style. They are all such incredibly fashionable cities.
8. What would you like your readers to know about you that they may not know from reading
your blog?
Well, I am a big clown and am usually cracking a joke or two or three... : ) But,
only my good friends and family tend to see that side of me (oh... and friendly
strangers). But, I can also be extremely quiet at times. ( I think that character-
istic makes my husband feel like he's talking to himself sometimes.) : ) Sorry
Well, that was fun! I hope you enjoyed the pics too. : ) Just a little more about me. What about you?? Answer some of these questions for me in the comments area! I'd love to learn more about my readers!! : )
Happy Decorating!