Large Letters T & P - $38/each

Glove Mold - $24

Mid-Century Dining Chairs - $150/4 chairs

Flying Pig Made of Scrap Metal - $50

Postage Machine - $75

Mid-Century Lamp - $125
Mid-Century Stools - $60/Pair
Paul McCobb Mid-Century Side Table - $120

Cottage/Shabby Chic Cupboard With Tin Panels - $450

Vintage Dresser on casters - $150

Vintage Children's Ironing Board - $18
Pepsi Crate - $25

Industrial Desk Chair - $175

Smith-Corona Typewriter- $55

Lamp Base - $28
Lamp Shade - $28
W ell... I warned all of you that we were up to no good last Friday! : ) We picked up some of the items above, while others made their way into our shop this week. I'll admit... the flying pig has made his way into my little heart and I absolutely adore him! The "T" and the "P"... don't laugh, but I'll share my original idea for these. I thought... "Wouldn't it be cool if you hung the T and the P above your toilet and then put a bunch of toilet paper on the toilet back?" Or... at least something along those lines. Cause, I'm sorry... whenever I see T and P together, all I think about is toilet paper okay??? So sue me! Well, I've gotten a mixed reaction on my idea. Some thought... "brilliant!" Others... eh... "eeeewwww... gross!" So, there you have it folks!
Over here at the shop we are getting the joint prepped for a little get together tonight! A little hang out. Just some chicos and chicas who will be coming over to get 25% off all our mid-century inventory! Um... is it bad that I've already gone through one of the bags of chips intended for the party? Oh well... : ( At least I didn't go through one of the bottles of wine! Hopefully I will see some of you tonight! : ) Happy Friday all! I shall return on Monday!
Happy Decorating!

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