As soon as I saw this mirror

from Kate at centsational girl (in her beautiful kitchen refresh) I knew what I had to do with this mirror
which I have had and loved for a long time but will no longer fit in with my obsession drive to have a beautiful black and white bedroom (it WILL happen, oh yes it will!)
But lest you think I have made no progress at all (a little faith please), here is one of my bedside tables which were once a very ordinary beechy colour and I think are now pretty spesh in their new black and white livery. Decorscaping still to occur!
...and everyone (I'm so excited about this!) I've solved the problem of the 'what is supposed to be white painted screen' behind the bed from being the slightly pink painted screen...see, not good against the new pristine white bedside tables..and it was complicated by the fact that only half of the panels decided to blush! You see my problem I'm sure.
The secret...White Knight undercoat...a white knight indeed!
I've also painted the ugly bookcase and another of today's jobs is to line the back of the shelves with the lovely IKEA fabric seen in this post.
So I'm off to the hardware store, and I just might make a quick pit-stop into the Salvos and Vinnies to see if there are any treasures just waiting for moi.
But one thing I won't be doing is popping into the Canberra Show...that I'll leave for others!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.