Hello everyone! For those of you who may wonder where I've been, I apologize for the long silence. Life's been kind of crazy lately and my blogging has been paying the price. Well, I did want to post this unique and quirky loft in New York. Designed by Bohl Architects, it uses plenty of fun and off-beat details.
Ha, ha! This detail really cracks me up. I mean, if you want a random blue eye staring at you; why not have one, right?
(I have a feeling this photo may cause some controversy amongst readers)

As a designer, I've always found it frustrating that so many people will only live with things that others approve of! I can't say how many times I've heard the words, "I need to know if my sister likes it" or "My mother", "My neighbors"...etc. Why?! If its your home and your place to live and rest, why can't it just mean something to you? I look as a home as a sanctuary and as a place that feeds your inner self. So shouldn't it be a true representation of yourself? Ahhh, this has been my soapbox for many years. I hope at least a few people will stop and consider my words and take true ownership of their environment.
Don't know why I seem so bossy today.