This is the first document of a few pieces that have inspired me, from childhood and later on in life. Children’s books: the story of, Marigold In Godmother's House by Joyce Lankester Brisley, and The Princess And The Pea by Hans Christian Anderson. I love the illustrations in these books.

Marigold wakes and picks up a jug of water, of it's own accord, it lifts away from her and starts to pour into the floor, creating a small rock pool for her to bathe in.

...Did you sleep well... The Princess And The Pea. Illustration by Edmund Dulac.

And a few years ago I stumbled upon The Great Bed Of Ware at the V&A in London. I was so bowled over by its size - it’s colossal. And I would love to spend the night in it. Many have had lots of fun and slept in this over the years. It was a bed in a guesthouse in Ware, Hertfordshire, around 1590. Graffiti from its inhabitants can be seen engraved into the woodwork.