I'm not the only one who struggles with depression throughout the holidays, right? Why is that? I really try to enjoy Christmas time, but mostly it seems to bring me down. I hate that, but its the truth. Sorry to be such a downer today. Its just that its difficult for me not to be honest. My faith pushes me to be more positive and to invite good things into my life, but its a struggle at this time of year. I always feel like I haven't done enough for everyone and another year has slipped by. I don't have enough time to send out Christmas cards and take Liam to see Santa. I usually am scrambling at the last minute to finish buying gifts that I really can't afford, but feel guilty if I don't. Ahhhh! I want Christmas to be about my faith in Christ. I get frustrated that people refuse to acknowledge Christianity as the source of "Christmas" and yet my life doesn't seem to acknowledge that either! I mean what right do I have to complain?! I don't believe in expecting other people to do things I don't do. I have to say that I'm pretty fed up with these feelings I struggle with. (I'm only writing this, because it helps me when I get it all out). My life has to change. I already have been changing many things and will share them after the New Year.

You may be wondering what in the world these photos have to do with what I'm writing. Well, I posted them for purely selfish reasons. Basically, they make me happy! I needed a jolt of sunshine and fun and these photos have that, don't you think? I found them via Living Etc.