I was recently talking to a friend about Deanna Durbin -the singing movie star from the 30s and 40s. We found out that we both have loved her since childhood! I came across a picture of her taken in the early 80s and was surprised to see she was totally recognizeable from herself as a teenager -check this out.Born in 1921, she started out with a studio contract in 1935 along with Judy Garland (the other teen singing actress!). After creating many movies though as the singing teenager, she wanted more sophisticated, grown-up roles which studios and audiences were reluctant to see her in. She retired then in 1949, married and moved to France where she continues to live in retirement.
This video below shows her at age 14 (with that voice!) in her first movie 'Three smart girls". Definitely check out any of her movies, they're delightful!