This past weekend I watched the Julie Andrews extravaganza Star! from 1968. What, never heard of it? Neither had I till recently, which is surprising: This movie is So fantastic! If you like good acting, good music, good costumes and amazing sets (get the picture?) you will love this movie. It's 3 hours long however, take breaks..... Based on the life of actress Gertrude Lawrence, it chronicles her life and search for love, all the while showing clips of many of the shows she was in, her amuzing friendship with Noel Coward and the strained relationship with her daughter on her quest for fame.
First the sets: these are some pictures I took of the film, sorry for the poor picture quality! This is what caused me to take notice of the sets; her NYC apt. during the 1930's chapter of her life. The walls are gold leafed with a really abstract mural painted on them: antique venetian furniture, beautiful bar, chandelier and beautiful curtains - this is the most glamorous room I've ever seen!
Right afterwards was Noel Cowards NYC apartment, also during the 30s. Notice the beautiful woodwork and detailing above. I LOVE a step-down living room and large windows, beautiful white casual upholstery and beautiful lighting. This room looks so modern! Notice the painted backs of the built ins below - an acid yellow (which matched many of the costumes in the scene).The music: full of standards by greats such as Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Noel Coward, Kurt Weill and others -it will not disappoint. Julie Andrews was in top form singing and dancing as shown in the clipbelow: her voice is unbelievably smooth and beautiful. An interesting tidbit: Daniel Massey, who played Noel Coward in the film, is actually Coward's godson in real life!

Read a full synopsis of the movie HERE
I loved this movie so much that I've included a link to buy it on amazon on my sidebar -you can get it really inexpensively used! Please check it out!!