I spent the morning of my labor day watching one of the great movies from the 50s, Bandwagon. Released in 1953 and directed by Vincent Minelli -it's everything you would hope for in a technicolor extravaganza. The colors are amazing; Vincet Minelli was a master at designing his movies. Bright clear reds, yellows, blues -but especially yellows seem to be a theme throughout the movie. Cyd Charisse in one of the 'numbers'.
another colorful number.
a party scene at the end of the movie.Notice all the brightly colored costumes and sets!
this act was performed in front of a backdrop of watercolored lines - very striking!

The all encompassing producer / actor / director character (based on Minelli) has this beautiful colorful apartment -may of the pieces come from Minelli's own home. I love the stage sets here in the yellow sitting room and the blanc de chine pieces!

In the yellow sitting room, a fireplace wall is glazed in antiqued mirror -really glamorous!The entry hall has the ceiling, doors and trim all painted the same shade of blue/gray with this perfect chandelier with beautiful shades. I love the contrast of the red den in the background. Red, blue, yellow -all in one apartment! Brave indeed!

The story is as wondeful as the sets - lots of fun, great music and singing and dancing provided by Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse -this is a fun weekend movie! Check it out!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos!!