If Sex and the City was the best movie of the summer, then Mamma Mia is the MOST FUN! It's always really upsetting to me that my favorite movies get LOUSY reviews....including this one. Well don't listen to the critics -this movie is good fun! Sure, it's a bit campy and corny but it's a musical. Isn't it a law somewhere that musicals need to be a bit corny and campy and hilarious? Trust me -this is one to see if not just for the BEAUTIFUL scenery of Greece! I need to go to Greece!The one thing I could do without is Pierce Brosnan in the movie. I LOVE me some Pierce Brosnan (my favorite 007) but the man is not a comedian and can NOT sing. The only time he got laughs were when he tried to sing (no joke, for real). Everytime james bond broke into song (or a silly outfit) the entire audience broke into laughter!Meryl Streep is the real star of this movie. She can sing very well (was trained as an opera singer in her teens!) and as we all know she can ACT supremely. I am not embaressed to admit she brought a tear to my eye a few times. And I won't give anything away, but stay for the credits; one of the best parts of the movie happens during the ending credits. Also -the soundtrack is amazing (of course). The cast brings some great ACTING to the songs - great updates of Abba classics! check that out too!all photos courtesy of the main movie website linked above.