I've been trying to up my photography skills. Here are a few experiments. I think they are okay; I'm trying to achieve a moody feeling. Part of the reason I'm pushing myself to learn more is because I want to start selling my products online. I've been pondering it for months, but can't decide how I want to do it. Should I use Etsy, my blog, a website? Its all so confusing. I also have an idea of the look I want for my site, but haven't been able to achieve it yet. You know I don't just want to place objects in front of a white background with bright lighting and call it a day. I guess I want it to tell a story...create a mood. If you're wondering why I'm writing all this, its because I felt it would help me get on with it. I'm trying to get out of my head, and move forward. Unfortunately, I often get stuck in my own thoughts. I need to move forward. If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, or critiques; please let me know. Feedback is a good thing.