Our living room and dining room were among the first rooms to look more "finished".  Don't get me wrong, there's lots more to do but this space has looked pretty much like this since we moved in.  We painted, added our furniture & art, bought a new light fixture and fireplace doors, but that's nothing compared to other areas of the house.  With rooms like this and this, there were other areas in more dire need of our attention.  But now that other rooms are coming together, the living rooms is starting to look worn out.  First, the sofa shenanigans and now the throw pillows are literally coming apart at the seams.  Sigh.  Undetered, I went fabric shopping for a fun fabric for fresh new throw pillows and found something great!  (Say that ten times fast!)

Picture the pattern a bit crisper than in the photo - a more vanilla-ish white background with cheery aqua, green and deep yellow circles.

I think that once this fabric becomes pillows, they will dress up the sofa (paired with the existing brown print pillows my mom sewed) and the accent chairs (not pictured) nicely.  I think the print ties in well with the artwork, a major fixture we tend to decorate around.