as the name suggests, uses very little arch profiles or complicated to create the appearance of the end, just simple. Because simplenya, said the minimalist design means budgetnya also minimalist
Sich also not true .. if the material chosen hi-end all. Actually to put it simple, not all minimalist design should be simple, some are complicated but the profile element in furniture remains abolished.

The color of the walls in the room generally painted a uniform color and not adorned with pictures and ornaments. There are also some specific areas in the paste with wallpaper to accent the room. Simple lighting in the ceiling so that no light-carved decorative fancy carvings or other light fittings that attract your attention.

Room with minimalist design theme, if no unique decoration that can compensate for the nature of its simplicity, can sometimes create the impression of a very cold, uncomfortable and stiff.

Therefore, if you want to make furniture is minimalist to the minimalist feel of the room, choose a few finishing bertexture, form a dynamic and give a touch of wallpaper on the walls of which do not put furniture in front