Collecting books is very positive. It would be very unfortunate if this hobby can not be realized simply because the reason there is no place to store. Indeed the longer, the collection of books will continue to grow. And the books that would never an especially want to be kept, if not allowed to accumulate clutter.

In a small house, space for book storage in particular is very difficult to obtain. Creating a special space such as a library, it was not possible. In fact, adding just one bookcase also feels there is no place.

Another way? Try searching the corners of your home unused. This area can be transformed so the storage of books. Alternatively, you can see below, for your book collection remained stored neatly without making a full house filled.

So decoration

Many people try to conceal the bookshelves, and some even have the heart to keep it in storage. In fact, when made ​​a beautiful rack, these books can be a unique home decoration, replacing the paintings and other wall decoration.

Insulation between spaces

Bookcases can also become a kind of partition between spaces. In small houses, usually between the living room with family room separated by a bulkhead. Well, just use the bookcase as sekatnya.

Utilizing space

Be smart looking crack in the house. Space under the stairs, unused garage, wall sections ats, one corner of the living room, are some examples of areas that you can use to put the bookshelves.

Creating mezanin

Mezanin is one way you get extra space without the need to change the structure. Mezanin can be made by utilizing the space under the roof (Attic). This extra space you can use to put bookshelves in a row. If large enough, mezanin this could be a den or reading room.