Minimalist home in high demand by people who very practical today. How do I choose the right furniture and accessories for your minimalist home?
Maintaining a practical and functional elements of a key base in a minimalist home dressing.

Selection of the right ingredients to thicken the minimalist concept that want presented. Furniture glass such as that combined with aluminum or wrought iron furniture including species that are widely used. In addition to a simple form, any maintenance relatively easy to do.

Curtains were able to support the impression you want displayed in the room. With this type of roman blinds, for example, which are lightweight and able to give the impression of dynamic in a minimalist room.

Design with strict precision also characterizes the architecture and minimalist furniture. Therefore, select a table or chair that has a simple design, little or no ornament. With minimal ornament, we can simplify maintenance and a more spacious room terksesan so suitable when applied in a minimalist home is tiny.

Minimalist also can be combined with materials or furniture of color - the color of wood such as dark brown or reddish brown.