Last night Braxton and I got down and dirty to reweave the new/old chairs and sofa in our living room.  All in all the project took a couple of hours and a couple glasses of wine.  Good times.
This is the roll of webbing material and a package of  v-clips.

The tools we will need.

I wanted to show you the old webbing before we took it off.  Apparently no one had sat in this chair for a long long time because there is no way this petrified webbing would keep someones bottom from hitting the floor.

The old webbing was so dry and stiff it held its shape after we removed it.

This particular chair required a length of webbing with a v-clip attached to each end.  Braxton used pliers to squeeze the the clips closed and then hammered each one gently make certain they were set...

...and each clip was then inserted into the appropriate cut-out (can't think of a better word) on the chair.

Hopefully this picture answers the million questions you must have about now.

The second chair was much trickier.  The ends of the old webbing were wrapped around a dowel eliminating the need for a v-clip.

Braxton removing the dowel once he chipped away at the old webbing.

Seriously - that webbing was a bugger to remove!

The new (young and supple) webbing was threaded through the opening in the chair...

...wrapped around the dowel...

...the dowel was placed back in the groove....

...and the end of the webbing was stapled to the chair.

Moving on to the sofa.  This is after Braxton removed the gazillion staples.  The sofa required a completely different approach - again!  WTF.

This was actually the easiest of the three.  The webbing was pushed through the groove...

...wound around the wood and stapled.

The back of the sofa - we're half way done - and by we're I mean my wonderfully handy husband.  I stood by giving moral support - taking pictures - and refilling the wine glasses.

This is what our living room looked like around 10:30 last night.

This is what it looks like this morning.  I know.  Better right?

 One reason Braxton and I have been sooo excited about our new furniture is because we haven't actually sat in our living room for about two years.  Yea, really.  The old sofa and chair were terribly uncomfortable and frankly they stank because of an unfortunate accident with our cat a while back.  Also, the sofa had a down filled cushion which meant every time someone sat on it it got completely flat and had to be fluffed back up. Waaaa.
Now we've recaptured a large portion of our small house and no longer have to retreat to our bedroom or front porch in order to sit down.  So this is how real people live!

FYI:  I ordered the webbing and v-clips from .  The webbing is called elasbelt webbing 2 and 36 feet cost 21.24.  A package of 10 v-clips cost 1.69 - and shipping was 8.95 making a grand total of $31.88.  Big smile.

If you have questions you can always contact me at .
Have a beautiful day.