The first born is putting the pressure on somewhat.
An email last week said, ever so politely of course..."do you think you might finish my blanket sometime before winter starts mum?"...or words to that effect!
I've made the squares. Now I just have to work out what order to put them in...that's the hard bit. I did have it mapped out but I lost the piece of paper I'd written it down on :(
Pondering, pondering...
...and wondering how to join them together. I'm not sure about that either. Does anyone have an idiot proof method. I'd be more than happy to be educated.
And do I have to do this blinking blocking thing as well?? It appears so.
On matters non crochet, I'm on a slightly less complicated endeavour today...heading off to Bangalow to do Shannon Fricke's Styling 101 workshop tomorrow. Perhaps I should take these and get a few clues!
Someone else you might know is going to be there too...we'll try not to get up to too much mischief :)
Unlike the vampire slayer...who, like a typical cat refused to move from this spot so I could vacuum the rug (which was surely in dire need) so that I could then move it to its new spot under the was previously in my study, but it's undergoing a revamp. The study that is, not the rug. Or the cat.
She looks so innocent. Don't be fooled. Not for a minute.
So...can anyone help with my crochet dilemma? I'm hoping those clever people who link up over at kootoyoo on Thursdays might have a clue. But anyone will do really. For I'd hate Jess to be cold or for me to loose precious good mother brownie points by not delivering on time...even though I may have promised it for last year :)
I'll be back next week with news of styling shenanigans. Enjoy your weekends when you get to them.