Our living room, pictured above, is finally done.  OK, almost done.  Maybe.  I really do love my new living room, I promise, yet......
I've been thinking a lot about GLAMOUR lately.  Frank Sinatra, Vegas in the 60's, gold, silver, sparkly glamour.  I'm pretty sure THAT'S what missing in my living room.  Is there room in MID CENTURY MODERN decor for glamour?  Let's see.....
This is exactly what I'm talking about.  This room is obviously mid century, yet there is a shiny femininity here that my room is missing.  Damn I LOVE this!

Braxton has posted this picture before (I knew it looked familiar).   We've shown you lots of atomic design on this blog and most of it strikes me as fairly masculine, but this..... this is sparkly fun.

One of my all time favorite color combinations - pink and black - but is this glamorous?

The Barcelona chair + white leather = full throttle glamour.

Yet, it IS a cake stand, but wouldn't this make a fantastic (and glamorous) side table?

Again, exactly what I'm talking about.  Someone bring me a martini.
You may have noticed I did try to inject some feminine touches in my living room - those floral pillows, for example - but it still looks a little too masculine to me.  What do you think?  Please comment.

btw- I apologize for the shorter post today, am having lots of problems with my computer.  Hopefully my dear sweet husband will come to my rescue tonight ( and even fix my computer while he's at it).

Have a beautiful (and glamorous) day.