Many folks have commented or emailed to compliment us on our herringbone tiling job (thanks!) but recently a reader asked me about the edging we used (you can spot it in the second pic).  So, here are the details:

Our subway tiles weren't finished on the sides, so we needed something to finish off the edges.  We used schluter brand edging, but there are so many different brands and styles.  Talk to an expert, wherever you purchase your tile, to find the right edging for your project.

Installation was super simple.  We figured out where our tiling would stop and affixed the edging to the wall using screws. 

Use a level to make sure your edging is,
well, level.

Then we just tiled up to the edges, ensuring a nice tight meeting.  Our edging had a little "lip," for the tile to slide under, so there are no awkward gaps.  We used the edging at the top of the tiling, and also the sides.  It created a nice "frame" for the pattern. 

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