Redesign or renovate (change shape) one family room and living room are small is a challenge. Do you live in an apartment or a landed house, decorating the family room and small living room requires careful planning, creativity, and a good imagination.

For the placement of furniture in the room must be smaller than the room, so the room does not look cramped or claustrophobic. Maximize space with a length of 2 sofa seats compared to the big sofa for a seat to sit with guests for fun. What a great idea if you decorate your room with fun style and combine it with your collection items in the room, may also be combined with a small sofa again and add a large mirror or a decorated so as to make room to be larger and broader.
If you focus approach in terms of design, you should plan early on how to maximize the family room and living room. You can try using the way / style of modern decor, because it will make the room seem more spacious. Deciding which design style is really a way you definitely will spend most of your time.