So, Thursday was a tad frustrating.  First, my purse broke - and it is only a month old, plus it wasn't cheap (well, I guess it was, but the price didn't match the shoddy quality).  Then, Anthropologie didn't have the vase I was ogling online.  But, really, this was nothing because then I WAS REAR ENDED by a Houstonian.  Happily, I'm okay (except for some lingering neck pain) and the other driver is okay and my rental car is okay-ish.  The other driver's car has flip up headlights that now permanently wink, but this is me not caring.  To top off the day, as you know, blogger was acting wonky and deleted a whole bunch of lovely comments.  And fellow bloggers can attest to how much we (at least me) live for nice comments. 

But there's an upside.  In my cruising about the city of Houston I have found a great deal of inspiration, like the Laura U Collection, a storefront to compliment designer Laura Umansky's design studio.  Check out a few of my favorite spaces from her captivating portfolio.