Bed nets can also bring its own nuances into your home, such as shades of a particular country. Then, how to decorate your home with a mosquito net to make it look pretty, but not excessive

You can start from the front room first. If there are guests who visit your home, tamulah space that will be seen first. Try installing mosquito nets on the palate with each end of cloth nailed. Bed nets on the ceiling rumahAnda will produce shades of Arabic or Middle East in the guest room.

Choose a color that matches the color of your living room. If your living room a neutral color like white or beige, you can choose the color of fabric for mosquito net which is a bit flashy, maroon for example. But if the theme color of your living room was a little excited, for example shades of green, select mosquito net fabric with color gradations, but younger.
Take the example of a soft green sekali.Akan but, if you want to wear colors other than green, make sure the color is still in if juxtaposed with the color green. Chocolate for example, resulting in an earthy feel of the room. You do not need to decorate the whole room was at home with a mosquito net.


Maybe enough room only. One room that you can decorate with a mosquito net is definitely room to sleep. According to the results of overseas research, it was easier for people to sleep if there is an accent unique mereka.Yang mosquito nets in the rooms, sometimes netting just hung as an accent. So, not to avoid insect attack. 

That is why many hotels, especially the exotic nuances of the hotel such as resorts or cottages, often decorating the frame of his bed with a mosquito net. This is intended to make guests more comfortable and at home. So, if you decorate the bed using a mosquito net, just maybe you'll feel asleep dihotel exotic.
The bathroom has a function similar to the bedroom, namely as one where you relax and unwind. Therefore, what you use to decorate your bedroom can also be used to decorate the bathroom. However, if you want to decorate your bathroom use a mosquito net, make sure the fabric is not too wide or long.