The Most Expensive Blog (The home of World's Most Expensive and Luxury) presents The Most Expensive Prom Dress Ever.

Rest assured, a ton of attention is placed on prom which is arguably the biggest event in high school. The night is especially special for the ladies who expect their date to pamper them with fine dining, corsages and the rest of the prom traditions.

The dress, though, is your baby and you definitely want to look like a million bucks. But would you ever settle for $14,000? As in, the most expensive prom dress ever?

Technically, it’s only $13,977 but who is really counting, especially when you have yet to calculate sales tax?

The “most expensive prom dress ever” is available only at DressGoddess and is “designed by renowned prom fashion designer La Femme Fashion” as well as “customized with an assortment of genuine diamonds”.

Of course, if you cannot talk your parents into allowing you to make “a memorable entrance” the $400 “downgrade” dress is also available.

How high would you/your parents be willing to fork over for a prom dress?

Photo: DressGoddess

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