You know I love a good silhouette (you've seen my growing collection) and I'm always looking for a neat way to display them.  Currently, they are languishing in my basement.  But I just added another to my collection so I think it is plain silly not to put them up somewhere (finally).  Below is a great idea: just mix one in with a random assortment of art, gallery style.  I love how the silhouette was just mixed in with brighter, modern pieces.  Hmmmmm.
Domino Magazine Via Fabulous K

But, I think I like them all together, like in the pictures in this previous post, or those below.  I have so many, its a shame to only hang one.  But, I do like the idea of "brightening" up the display with something more colourful.  The cogs are turning.  I'll hang mine soon!

Country Living

Via Oh So Darling

The newest addition to my collection!