Hooray! For months now, we have been ready to move to a new home. We worked on unfinished projects for a while and then waited on a dying housing market. Well, although we haven't sold our house (we are leasing it); we are finally able to move on. For the time being, we will live in a temporary space until we make a final decision of where we want to go. Its fine, I'm just ready to do something...anything! 
What excites me most about moving, is the new challenge of decorating a new space. Surely, nobody is surprised by this, right? You can count on me mentioning this regularly, for the next few weeks:) 
Today, I'm inspired by this home office. I like its simplicity and warmth. Of course, I like the crazy desk legs. But, mostly I'm drawn to its small footprint. I mean, the desk is placed in what looks like remnant space. Since, I will be in an apartment for a few months, I won't really have a dedicated study. This room allows for that w/out losing style.
Photo via Style at Home