So far people are still confused is it okay to have sex when the woman is menstruating because some newspapers mentioning legitimate while others say dangerous.

dangerous if you have sex during menstruation?
There are three things to watch out if you have sex when the woman is menstruating, namely:

1. Endometriosis.
When the marital relationship, the women will have an orgasm, and at that moment that causes the uterus to contract dirty from menstrual blood can get into the stomach through the oviduct. This can cause the onset of endometriosis on women's bodies.

2. Infection.
The relationship of husband and wife usually will cause injury and endometriumnya decay, menstrual blood or sperm that are not sterile can enter the body and cause infection.

3. Could cause injury in cervical trauma caused by an infection.
"Blood is a source of food for bacteria, many of the nutrients contained in the blood. Therefore, if the blood into the stomach can be a very good medium for breeding bacteria in the body.

 We recommend that you wait until her husband clean and finish of menstruation, after sexual intercourse was done as usual. Having sex 2-3 times a week is also good to increase the pregnancy rate for the wife and stimulate the body to mnghasilkan sperm quantity and quality for more and better.

Also try to husband and wife having sex on the basis of both want and not only obey the will of one person. Because if you have sex during menstruation can cause danger to the wife or husband, and cause discomfort.