For anyone out there who has never taken an art history class, may I introduce Dutch painter  PIETER CORNELIS "PIET" MONDRIAN. 

  Mondrian was  part of the De Stijl movement in collaboration with Gerrit Rietveld during the early 1900's.  While our friend Piet was happily perfecting his signature color block style of painting, others in the movement were hatching dastardly plans, and by "others" I mean the founder of the movement Theo van Doesburg.     
Those old enough to remember The Partridge Family may be thinking "isn't that the side of the family bus?"  Well, no it isn't.
 In my mind the final conversation between Piet Mondrian and van Doesburg went something like this:
van Doesburg:  Piet my good man, it has come to my attention that you are UNFAMILIAR with the diagonal line.
Mondrian:  something something you bastard something something
van Doesburg:  I propose that the diagonal line.....(cue spooky organ music) more important than the horizontal and the vertical!!!!!
Mondrian:  This is when our hero Mondrian dramatically flips the perfectly vertical lines of his middle finger in the face of his nemesis and turns on his heels and exits the room in a huff.  The two never speak again.

Some would call this artistic temperment I call it damn sexy.  I mean you've gotta love a man with that kind of passion, right?
In honor of Piet Mondrian I give you:
Yes, right now it's just a yellow panel.  Patience.

A ha.  A little electrical tape placed in vertical and horizontal (absolutely NO diagonal) lines.

Painted in the colors of AcornHill. 
Sorry I didn't get a closer view but it's better from a distance.  Trust me.

BTW:  I sold the sofa and chair - yippie!!  So now I have a ballroom.
Have a beautiful day.