Bet you didn't expect to see a post the day after I told you I was cutting back did you!! But...I had to share this evidence of my new found cunning plan being put into place! This is one of those creative foci I was talking about :)) I signed up to do this course through the International School of Colour and Design...oh, just about a year ago now!
One thing got in the way, and then happens. And the ISCD very kindly let me defer. Best not to rush these know how it is, right?
But now that I've got my focus sorted...this is one of the creative things I'll be working on over the next several months...ok, ok, it'll probably take a year or so!
Assignment 1 is almost in the bag...I just have to gather up some images that represent these secondary colour spectrums...that shouldn't be too hard should it? I knew I bought all those magazines for a reason :)
And even the mess looks quite interesting!
Head on over to kootoyoo for a whole colour wheel of creatives :)
...and importantly...thank you so much for all your lovely comments yesterday about my decision to cut back. As usual, you made my day. I love that about you lot :)
all images by a tranquil townhouse