Although I spend a lot of time "feathering the nest" - including DIY curtains, new bedding, useless tables and even just re-arranging the bookshelves - and I LOVE to blog about design inspiration, sometimes the things in the townhouse that bring me the most joy are things that actually ignore any & all design principles.

Exhibit A.
What is this a picture of, you ask?

Ever wondered why the tiny vintage table in my office has very little ornamentation - just three tiny glass balls?  Well, when the sun hits the crystal balls just so they send a smattering of rainbows all over the walls, floor and ceiling.

The rainbows even reach my desk!

So, although I know these little crystal balls aren't "trendy," nor "classic" or even the right scale or proportion for the table, I don't give a hoot.   I wait patiently on sunny days for the rainbow.

(Sorta) on topic, my grandparents (who I just visited) have trained a chipmunk to literally knock on their patio door for peanuts.  It is hilarious.  And definitely one of the best features of their home.  Fancy furniture and wallpaper be damned - what makes a house a home is the stuff that goes on inside, right?

The funny trip pic I promised

What feature of your home do you love, even though it might make the editor of your favorite design magazine might cringe?

P.S. Yes, their mat reads: "Protected by a Jack Russell Terrier Alarm System".  hehehe.  A gift from yours truly.