{photos via CB2}


efinitely one of my favorite online stores, CB2 just makes me happy! Figured I'd check them out today and see what they've got up their sleeve lately! I've been seriously feeling bright colors lately. Not that I didn't before. Um... but anywho... I love that their stuff looks so merry and bright! Especially all the yellows. I looooove yellow! : ) Hence the yellow rocker in our living room... yellow Beatles poster, yellow kitchen towel, yellow pillow... yel...looow....okay, you get it. : ) I love yellow! Any bright color really! : )

Hopefully everyone had a fab weekend. We rested, relaxed, watched movies and grocery shopped. Oh! And I bought plants! Interior plants! Although, with my plant record... that may be exciting to me (to have new plants, that is), but not so much for the plants. : ( Poor guys... if only they knew their destiny. : ( Wish them luck. Until tomorrow friends!

Happy Decorating!