DC had its first taste of summer today, with highs in the 80s. It reminded me of the time Heather and I spent recently exploring the Miami Design District.

Outdoor restaurants abound. While we didn't eat at Martinez, seen above, it definitely seemed popular and a beautiful place to enjoy the weather!

Christian Louboutin, rather than fill the store with orchids, decided to decorate the exterior with a living wall.

Oh to live in a semi-tropical climate; this took our breathe away!Another outdoor restaurant; Modernism seems to fit this warm climate much better than in the North, don't you think?I loved this one group of buildings which appeared to be painted concrete. Early modernism inspired by neoclassicsm; one of my architectural weaknesses!Surrounded by tall, shaded arcades, the buildings provide the perfect place to window shop out of the sun's glare.While in Miami, definitely take the time to check out this revitalized area: remember to bring your wallets for all of the great shopping!