This week I posted about my new silhouette wall.  I'm still so excited it is hard to turn my chair around and actually do work because I just keep ogling it.  I'm also pretty excited about the magnetic board I made that hangs amidst the silhouettes - it looks so much better than my ratty bulletin board (which has so many broken off pins in it that removing or tacking up an item became quite poke-y). 

As you know, it has been so cold where I live that I couldn't apply the chalkboard spray paint I bought for this project (it needs to be at least 10 degrees Celsius for optimal results, and it certainly was not that warm in the garage).  But because the metallic paint is applied with a roller, I applied it in the basement.  Here's the how-to:

I finally found a great vintage frame (it also had a mirror, which is the surface I applied the paint to).


In my basement (but you should use a well-ventilated area), I applied the Rust-Oleum magnetic paint to my cleaned mirror with a small roller.  As suggested on the can, I applied numerous very thin coats.  The manufacturers say three coats will work, but they lie.  I literally used the whole damn can (minus a bit used to paint the frame).  After using almost all of the paint, I could finally get a magnet to stick & hold up some paper.  Then I roughed up the frame, cleaned it and applied some leftover magnetic paint with a paintbrush - it took two coats for even coverage.

Although it took days and days to finally get all of the paint on, the results are impressive - I created a magnetic surface from a mirror and a can of paint! 

Some tips:
  • Allow more than the recommended drying time in between coats for a smooth surface
  • Mix the paint really well each time you use it
  • Buy a nice smooth roller that won't create "dimpling"
  • Keep a magnet handy to test the magnetism after each coat dries
  • Don't fool yourself into thinking this can be done in an afternoon

The halfway finished project

I didn't let it dry enough in between coats, so I don't have the smoothest
surface ever, but it works!

Proof of magnetism

Now it is time to rock the magnetic poetry . . .