. . . because I was just given a Stylish Blogger award by the lovely Amy, from Brushed Satin

The rules: after linking back to the lovely blogger who sent me the award, I reveal 7 things about me & pass the award on to 10 bloggers I deem stylish.  Thanks to Amy for letting my know she pinged me, I tend not to notice my own name & blog in print.

So here goes:
  1. I am left-handed
  2. I am a feminist (the make-up wearing, husband marrying kind - we come in infinite variations)
  3. I am currently doing my PhD in Women's Studies
  4. My Undergraduate Degree & Master's Degree are both in Philosophy
  5. I'm struggling to get fit & lose weight
  6. My favorite colour is turquoise
  7. I hate gardening with a vengeance
This certainly fills out the "About Moi" page, doesn't it?

Here are 10 bloggers I'd like to pass this award on to (because of my devious plan: to learn more about their stylish selves):

Noelle from Gray Paint Decor
Dana from Mid2Mod
Caroline from The Feminist Housewife
Pauline from The English Organizer
Kate from Maurice & King
Brismod from Fun & VJs
Michelle from Second Street East
Emilie from Live.Eat.Smile
Lesley from Fabulously Flawed
Kristan from Pretty My World

And don't forget to check out Brushed Satin!

Eegads. That's 10.  Of course, I think so many blogs are stylish.  But these are the rules . . .

Speaking of stylish, how lovely is this print?
Eloise renouf
Little Winter Trees
Print by Eloise Renouf
Photo Via Retro to Go