Liam recently memorized one of my favorite nursery rhymes, Hey diddle, diddle....
This little rhyme is so vivid with unusual images and has such a catchy rhythm. For fun, I entered it into a website called Dada poetry generator. You may be saying, what is Dada? In short, it was an anti-establishment movement in art and writing that began in Europe, after WWI. Read more here. One practice of Dada writing was to cut out random words from newspapers and let a poem "fall together". 
Given how much I love randomness, I had to try it. I wondered how a child's poem would read using this method. So, here it is!
Over the diddle, spoon fiddle.
such The ran cow spoon
The the little see dish
The The jumped the dog
diddle. cow The such ran
diddle. The the little dog
Ha! Awesome. I think I am going to read this to Liam and have him cut out words and scramble them together. That should keep a 6 year old entertained for quite a while! If any of you decide to try making your own poem, be sure and show it to me:)
(Photo by Matt Walford)