Saturday morning we woke up to this splendor, the bradford pear in our front yard.  It both reminds me of spring and of snow balls.  It's fantastic, no?
 Braxton and I decided this would be a good day to visit our favorite consignment/antique stores and have lunch out as well.  Why does a simple turkey sandwich taste soo much better when someone else makes it?
Let me explain.  These are four (one is hiding) Hawaii monkey glasses!  We had to have them because, well..... just because.  Wouldn't you?

We got this adorable jigger because we didn't even have one that wasn't adorable.

Our very first cocktail shaker.  Are you seeing a theme here?

Duh.  You can't make frozen drinks without one of these babies.
 As a side note:  Just because we can't get enough mint juleps around here, we decided to try the Joy of cooking recipe that I posted   here  and personally I thought it was a little too strong so I added a jigger of water to the recipe and got...perfection. 
Sunday afternoon I mentioned that I wondered if we could turn this blue glass vase into a lamp for the guest room, turned my back for a minute, and Braxton had done it!  One in a million reasons why I do love that man.

Sat. night we saw Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice.  The story line was somewhat questionable, but the fashion was fantastic.  Natalie Wood's dress in the final scene,  oh there are not words.
Basically, we had a perfect weekend at our house, even waking up to snow/rain/slush on sun. couldn't dampen our spirits.  Some weekends are just like that, ya know?

Have a beautiful day.