We returned last night from a fantastic and much needed mini-break in Williamsburg, which is a five hour drive from us and worth every bloody gallon of gas it took to get there.

Braxton and I have a long history in W'burg, we lived there when we were first married and have had many wonderful reasons to return since, most recently for our daughters graduation from the College of William and Mary.
Useless facts:  My grandfather, father, husband (Braxton), and our daughter ALL graduated from W&M.  My grandparents names were in fact William and Mary and I have a brother and sister named.....God this is embarrassing....William and Mary.  Coincidence?  I really hope so, otherwise my family are nuttier than previously thought.      On to the pictures.                                    

I include this picture of me to prove that it was 82 degrees on Fri.  82 degrees!!!  God I love spring.

The one tavern we have yet to have a meal, Christiana Campbells.  Ooooo an excuse to go back.

One of the things we love most....beautiful gardens.

One of the reasons I had watery/itchy eyes the whole time we were there.

The other reason.

Braxton showing the ONLY mod thing in all of w'burg....the Union jack.

My favorite store, Lilly Pulitzer.  So colorful, so springy, so does not fit me!  Why won't to make petites Lilly?

W&M students playing croquet in the sunken gardens.  I'm pretty sure this was a sorority/fraternity thing, I don't remember ever seeing it before.

The boys all hung their jackets on the fence.

This is the Williamsburg Inn.  Did I mention the least expensive room is over $400.00!  Guess where we DIDN'T stay?

This is our favorite corner seat in the bar at the Inn.  It's a Williams family tradition to have a mint julep and the famous chocolate cake with peppermint ice cream every time we visit.  The Inn mint julep is hands down my favorite cocktail, ever.

The lobby of the Inn.  Love the use of bold red and blue, especially after seeing all the off colors of the colonial area.

Special picture for our daughter and all the hens.
I hope you've enjoyed the pics, but I must now go and do all the vacation laundry.
Is it spring where you are?
Have a beautiful day.