As I mentioned recently, the Union jack was really the only mod symbol Braxton and I saw while we were in Williamsburg.  Here's Mr. Jack flying over the capital building.
 If you've been reading this blog you know of our love for all things mod - which of course includes the gorgeous Union Jack, as seen here in our dining room.
 Which brings me to this.  Our dining room chairs (not my fault, they had this unfortunate fabric when we bought them).  How many ways can you say boring?
What I would really really love is to reupholster these guys in a jaunty red, white and blue....OK, the UNION JACK.  What I would like to ask someone is -and by someone I mean you - is it considered rude by our friends across the pond to use their flag in such a way?  Obviously, there are already Union Jack fabrics a plenty, but I was considering using a real flag.  Is this a terrible idea?
If you happen to be a Brit or happen to know the answer to my question - please let me know.
Time for tea.
Have a beautiful day.