I'm still reminiscing a bit about Liam. Several months ago, I noticed he started showing interest in using my camera. I'm sure it isn't because I carry it with me all the time! So, I hesitantly let him use it. I was surprised to see how wonderful his photos were! I mean his point of view is so different than anything I would imagine. His pics consist of his favorite things like puddles and toy trucks, but also of curious places he is unfamiliar with and little moments that only children notice. The title of this post comes from something Liam said after one of his photo shoots, "Mama, I'm a photography".
This boy's most loved possessions are his toy cars.
This is the ceiling of an elevator. Love the abstract feeling of it...unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the date feature. (I bought a small point-and-shoot camera for him to use instead of my Nikon)
Have you ever looked closely into a Lego house?
In Liam's shoots, there have been many unfortunate pictures of me. So, now I'm reluctant to let him take more...too scary!
I think these are my favorite. Sometimes while scrolling through the camera memory, these funny self-portraits pop up. They make me laugh every time!!