{photos via Adore Vintage}


hile browsing the Net the other night, I stumbled across the online shop Adore Vintage and must say that I instantly adored it! So, good call on the name choice! Here are some of the items I picked out for my imaginary shopping trip. The one that would be a reality if I had the recreational cash to burn. But, for now... I must use my God given ability to dream. Trust me... I use it well! Check out their site here.

I had a pretty good day. Can't complain. Hopefully I can get a good night's sleep tonight. One of our doggies got me up at 3 am the other night, with a flippin' monstrous poo poo platter scattered all over our bonus/tv room. Holy mac! I wanted to gag!! : ( I was peeved, to say the least. I swear it took two days to get the stench out! What am I feeding these guys? Old, stinky cheese with a side of cat poo?? Eeeew! I hope he's feeling better now, cause I cannot have a night like that again! Anyone watching Idol tonight? I'm Team Paul, I think. I like his voice and style. He kinda reminds me of John Meyer and he looks like Bradley Cooper. Most definitely not a bad combo! Who else is watching Idol? Anyone? Anyone?

Happy Decorating!